Development and Delivery: Realisation Director

Development and Delivery: Realisation Director

Clicks and Links Ltd

31 months

C+L wanted to leverage involvement in EU project work to move away from a project-based operation through the development of a range of defined products. The CEO brought in new business development and operational management personnel at Director level.

Negotiated the new role of Realisation Director, responsible for all development, delivery and support functions. Established referral of requirements to an identifiable Realisation Team for feasibility and estimation. Introduced elements of Scrum to development process. Undertook structured staff appraisal and recruited additional staff to team.

Directly manage C+L participation in (currently) 4 EC projects, with a total value to the company in excess of €1m.

Working with game engines and immersive VR hardware, such as Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, have successfully delivered commercial work to clients including Arup, Bentley Systems Inc., Salford University (for Network Rail), BDP Architects, TfL and Siemens.