About Me Now: Consortium Project Manager

About Me Now: Consortium Project Manager

Consortium / Tamworth BC

12 months

Managed a consortium of four Staffordshire District Authorities (Staffordshire Moorlands, Lichfield, Cannock Chase and Tamworth) in the ground-breaking delivery of a pilot project on citizens' self-service administration of the sharing of their personal information.

Established under the ODPM's e-Innovations Programme, this collaborative project developed and piloted a mechanism enabling citizens to self-manage consent to transactional sharing of their personal information across public, private & third sectors. Success meant that initial ODPM funded pilot operation was extended by a further 6 months.

AboutMeNow-videoProductionHandled project PR and external stakeholder communications including production of a promotional video programme by ITN.

Represented the project at exhibitions and engagement events and presented to the IAAC (Information Assurance Advisory Council) identity assurance “roadmap workshop” on identity and consent management alongside representatives of the Home Office (from the Citizen ID Card Programme) and the newly built University College Hospital in London.